GreenMAX Relay Panel

GreenMAX System Features

  • Highest Short Circuit Current Rating (SCCR) of 25,000A at 277VAC for maximum equipment performance and safety
  • Robust latching Relay Modules are rated 30A general fluorescent ballast and 20A incandescent in 1-pole and 2-pole configurations with the same footprint, available with or without the Return to Closed (RTC) functionality. The Return to Closed function satisfies the requirement of UL 924 for Emergency Lighting circuits
  • Dimming control with Dimming and Switching Relay Modules
  • Smart metering integration with the Metering Relay Modules
  • Daylight harvesting capabilities
  • Programming and monitoring of the system is done with a portable Handheld Display Unit (HDU) in the space being controlled rather than from the electrical room
  • Modular system was designed to ship the empty cabinet enclosure, complete with doors and covers, to the job site to make installation of the cabinet and conduits easier
  • Supports native network protocols of BACnet/IP, Ethernet, and LumaCAN to simplify configuration and ensure start simplicity
  • Accommodates low voltage inputs such as occupancy sensors, photocells, contact closures, and switches – connect using the onboard Low Voltage Input Card or remotely in the Remote Input Cabinet
  • Wiring area covers conceal the circuit wiring and provide maximum arc flash protection when installed
  • Custom engraving available on digital switches and wall plates

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