ID+ 2.5″ Adj. Accent

2.5″ Adjustable LED Downlight


  • 2.5” aperture round LED adjustable
  • Adjustable accent allows for hot aiming with locking 40° vertical tilt and 362° rotation, rotating light shield reduces lost light and blocks view to luminaire interior in aimed positions
  • Parabolic reflector mimics traditional look of MR16
  • Trim flange is field-paintable


  • A true alternative to halogen MR16
  • 15°, 20°, 40°, and 60° beamspreads achieved with proprietary optics and optical filters
  • Proprietary LED board features small light emitting surface, enabling superior optical control
  • Selection of dimming drivers including 0-10V (10% and 1% ranges), forward phase and Lutron
  • Three output levels that meet or exceed the light level, center beam candlepower and overall quality of halogen.
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adminID+ 2.5″ Adj. Accent