ML-EG- 2X4

ML-EG-2×4 By Kurtzon

Housing:   One piece seam welded 20-gauge CRSstainless steel or aluminum construction. All seams of hole-free housing silicone sealed.

Door Frame:   20-gauge CRS or stainless steel channel door frame hinged to housing with two stainless steel cables. Secured by captive stainless steelscrews.

Reflector:   Ballast cover/reflector panel white powder coat finished (minimum reflectivity 88%).

Gaskets:   100% pure closed cell neoprene located at interface of door to housing and door to lens.

Lens:    One piece symmetric/asymmetric acrylic lens gasketed (closed cell 100% pure neoprene) in channel door frame. RFI shielded lens ( .375″ metallic silver grid) complies with radiated emissions (RE101) of Military Standard 461F. LEDs use RF filtered symmetric lens.

Lamps:   Up to six T8, T5 or T5HO straight lamps. Plus up to two green lamps (GL2 option) Three LED high performance Arrays (11000 L)

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