BEAM6 LED by Axis

BEAM 6 LED is a compact, linear system with multiple lighting, mounting, and design options, suitable for large spaces and high ceilings. BEAM 6 LED delivers efficient direct light distributions, with optional MR16 accents. IC Controls equip a BEAM 6 LED system to reduce energy consumption further still. Cleanly detailed, BEAM 6 can be recessed in various ceiling types, including Techzone™ and Logix™, as ...
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ELI-S Inverters

The Philips Bodine ELI Series ELI-S-20 Emergency Lighting Inverter is unit equipment that transforms LED and fluorescent fixtures up to 25 W into code-compliant emergency lighting sources.  ELI-S-20 is ideal for Edison-base (screw-base) LED lamps and features an LED-friendly sinusoidal waveform. The Philips Bodine ELI-S-100 Emergency Lighting Inverter converts LED and fluorescent fixtures into code-compliant emergency lighting. It provides an emergency power ...
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We have always been fascinated with the beauty of curved forms. Tangent™ customizable lighting contours take this fascination one step further. We factory curve the extruded aluminum profile to almost any elegant radius…or any straight or bent shape and illuminate the contour from within with ultra high-quality LEDs. These beautiful custom luminaires are available in pendant and wall mounted UpLight-Downlight, and ...
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Recessed Madison

Elegant, trimless, recessed luminaires. Linear, right angles, rectangular, or whatever the application calls for. You decide and we’ll make it… in house. Read More
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Novato Drum

While highly functional, the Novato family provides a playful twist to make a lasting impression. Versatility is the main strength of this collection as they are perfectly suited for a wide range of modern or traditional environments. Customize your visual environment with the Novato Drum by choosing from our standard sizes, a palette of painted finishes and four fabric options. ...
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Cylindrix® III Mini Vertical

This powerful, compact member of our Cylindrix family enhances your design aesthetics. The new Cylindrix III Mini (C3 Mini) is tiny, passively cooled, with an invisible heat sink and full dimming capacity. It delivers brilliant colors, crispest whites, and a patent pending, field changeable optical system. Read More
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LED Post-Top Acorn Economical solution for architectural site and roadway lighting. An acorn styled luminaire with a variety of decorative luminaire bases, integral globe holder/ballast housing and an acorn shaped globe. • LED source provides energy savings, longer life, and an environmentally friendly solution! • Acorn globe in clear textured acrylic, Optional Caged Globe available • Stainless steel hardware • ...
adminATL23 LED

Trilia OLED by Winona

TRILIA inspires creativity and imagination. Modular units allow designers to shape single luminaires or expansive networks. By combining Tri and Straight sections, organic patterns form and flow gracefully through a space, making light and architecture one. The broad-band light emission of our OLEDs yields a full spectral power distribution, resulting in excellent CRI (85-90 CRI). Virtually no energy is wasted ...
adminTrilia OLED by Winona

V.I.P. KUBO – by 3G Lighting

Square and linear architectural pendant luminaires featuring white sandblasted acrylic diffusers that are fabricated with mitered corners. The acrylic is fully saturated with various lamp sources including compact fluorescent, white LED, static colors, and color changing LEDs. Read More
adminV.I.P. KUBO – by 3G Lighting

320C Series by Wayne Tyler

Heavy wall bronze cone cap and base castings with solid machined brass support columns and spacers with heavy wall copper disk. Diffuser is etched, cylindrical polycarbonate and fully gasketed. Guard rings are heavy stainless steel and are available with a copper plate option. H.I.D. models are provided with an integral core and coil ballast and bracket enclosed by a cavity ...
admin320C Series by Wayne Tyler

BeveLED 2.0 Color Select

Independent color temperature and intensity control for LED lighting. Color Select® represents the next innovation in color temperature control for advanced LED recessed downlighting. BeveLED® 2.0 Color Select® products allow users to adjust color temperature from 6000K down to 2200K while independently adjusting intensity to achieve ultimate control over the quality of light in a space with a single fixture type. Color Select ...
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ICARE luminaire creates accent illumination for pathway, wall and landscape and up-lighting applications. Two-part heatsink mechanism provides aiming for up to 30° vertical tilt. LEDs are built into a removable compact module that mounts into a socket. Reflector includes integral diffuser to reduce glare. LED module and reflector are removable by tool-less twist and lock attachment. Read More
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Smart Pole by Lumca

With Lumca’s energy-efficient LED lights last up to 10 times longer than conventional lamps and Lumfix’s impressive modularity, you’ll provide optimal lighting solutions—and ROI—for years to come. Read More
adminSmart Pole by Lumca

LYON by Stile

High Performance Linear LED Lyon is a family of small-scale linear LED fixtures that provide impressive performance. LEDs enable this luminaire to utilize a low-profile housing that is engineered to act as an efficient heat sink, maximizing output and life by allowing the LEDs to operate at optimal temperatures. Interior and exterior pendant, ceiling and wall mount versions make Lyon ...
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Basic Slots by Litelab

OPEN FACE RECESSED FIXTURES Basic Slots are a line of open face recessed fixtures. All lamps are gimbal mounted with up to a 45 degree aiming angle and are adjustable to two levels relative to the ceiling plane. Basic Slots are a line of open face recessed fixtures. All lamps are gimbal mounted with up to a 45 degree aiming ...
adminBasic Slots by Litelab

HL Series LED Troffer

CLASS 1 DIV 2 LED TROFFER Housing:   One piece, seam welded, hole free 20-gauge stainless steel or aluminum construction. Each are only 4.5 inches tall. Door Frame:   Inset channel style 20-gauge type 304 stainless steel or aluminum hinged to housing with two stainless steel cables. Secured by captive stainless steel screws. Reflector:   Die formed metal with high refl ectance white polyester powder coat fi nish. Typical ...
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GreenMAX Relay Panel

GreenMAX System Features Highest Short Circuit Current Rating (SCCR) of 25,000A at 277VAC for maximum equipment performance and safety Robust latching Relay Modules are rated 30A general fluorescent ballast and 20A incandescent in 1-pole and 2-pole configurations with the same footprint, available with or without the Return to Closed (RTC) functionality. The Return to Closed function satisfies the requirement of ...
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High-Mast System by CHM

Leading lowering device system for nearly 20 years Carolina High Mast manufactures a safe, reliable service hoist that lowers the fixtures for relamping and maintenance, and safely returns the units for operation.  The high mast lighting system is uniquely suited for illuminating large outdoor areas such as: Highways Railroad yards Interchanges Freight yards Prison yards Ports Commercial parking lots Neighborhoods ...
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