Architectural Wood Poles

Minimizing Environmental Impact AYC - Alaskan Yellow Cedar - is naturally resistant to decay and insects, requiring no chemical preservatives or treatment. Wood requires much less energy to process compared to steel or aluminum. Many of the harvested AYC trees have been dead for up to eighty years, yet retain the same physical properties of living trees. Go To Product Page
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Fifth Avenue by Visa

Direct / Indirect Pendant 5 year product warranty Heavy gauge spun metal housing with upper lensed aperture to provide a luminous glow to reduce ceiling contrast Oven cured no VOC powder coat for painted finishes; oven cured low VOC clear coat on metal finishes 1/8" thick Lumieo™ white acrylic diffuser with matte finish is standard, 55% transmission efficiency, UV stable ...
adminFifth Avenue by Visa

Luuma by Lumca

ONE SHAPE. ONE SIZE MULTIPLE MOUNTS FEATURES Various mounting arms High-impact acrylic lens Tool-less access Optimized thermal management Life span up to 100,000 hours High-efficiency optical system (IP66) Energy savings between 40% and 70% Go To Product Page
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Lightrail LR6 by Cole Lighting

Complete Illuminated Handrail System LR6 Lightrail™ Series is a complete illuminated handrail system, ideal for indoor or outdoor applications such as stairs, ramps, and walkways. The square design provides symmetrical or asymmetrical illumination with dimensions that conform to ADA requirements. Lightrail is offered in post mount or wall mount configurations. Other uses include pedestrian bridge and guardrail lighting. Go To Product Page
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Magnum Canopy Spot

LED Canopy Spot Fixture The Magnum 2 LED Canopy Spot is integrated with Chroma technology providing energy efficient light using a cold remote phosphor module by XICATO® for perfect fixture-to-fixture color consistency (SDCM:2) and superior reliability (L85:50k hrs). It is fully directional for 359 degree rotation and 200 degree tilt and locking. Magnum 2 has an on board dimming driver ...
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VarioLED Flex Venus

Flexible Linear Design LED Light Lines Up to 25 feet length Top View: Bend direction vertically Up to 379.2 lm/ft 2,400 K – 5,000 K, IQ White, RGB, Color Salt water / UV resistant Indoor and outdoor applications – from furniture lighting to facade illumination Go To Product Page
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Multiform MF100

Recessed Multihead Luminaires with Horizontal Travel for Extreme Aiming The lamp assemblies inside the MF100 housing can move independently along a horizontal track. This enables greater aiming cabability and makes the MF100 that much more versatile in display lighting applications. An optional short arm yoke is available for regressing the lamp holder into the housing to accommodate a snoot accessory ...
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BSL310LP by Bodine

Low Profile LED Emergency Driver The low-profile emergency driver is an ideal choice for space-limited or architecturally sensitive fixtures. As LED efficiency increases and prices decrease, LED lighting is becoming more and more commonplace for general lighting purposes. Philips Bodine emergency LED drivers make it easy for OEMs, specifiers and others to help their customers incorporate code-required, code-compliant emergency lighting ...
adminBSL310LP by Bodine
CS mini project

Cylinder Mini Series by Meteor

8" and 10" Round Surface Mounted Downlight Clean contemporary design integrates functional elements while delivering performance and efficiency. With light engine separate from LED, the CS-Mini is engineered to deliver long-term product sustainability. Go To Product Page
adminCylinder Mini Series by Meteor

The Illuminator by Myers

ILLUMINATOR SERIES IE The Illuminator E & IE are central inverter systems for emergency lighting and are available in both standard and fast transfer models. Breakthrough design features one cabinet construction for systems upto 16,700 Watts to help reduce footprint and installation costs. This product contains advanced communications features & benefits which clearly set it apart from any other product. ...
adminThe Illuminator by Myers

Recessed Madison by 3G

Adjustable Trimless Architectural Recessed Luminaires Adjustable architectural recessed luminaires featuring a 3/4” trim flange and solid aluminum, lockable, double gimbal lamp holders in a variety of lamp sources. Suitable for down lighting and accent lighting in interior spaces where performance and design matter. Go To Product Page
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LED TUBE by Green Creative

275 DEGREE LIGHT EMITTING LED TUBE LAMP This TITANIUM LED SERIES 4.0 T8 Tube has been designed and engineered for demanding commercial applications. This plug and play direct replacement tube is compatible with Instant Start ballasts and requires no rewiring during installation. The lamp’s innovative glass design and compact light engine produce 275° of evenly diffused light. The micro-designed driver ...
adminLED TUBE by Green Creative

Theory by Focal Point

DESIGN. Theory is not defined by its source, rather it becomes the source. Its elliptical form allows LEDs to be integrated and concealed, gracefully illuminating inside and outside surfaces independently. A curved acrylic light guide draws light around the 4' long body to introduce a sparkling circular pattern. PERFORMANCE. Low voltage power is delivered via elegant and minimal aircraft cable suspensions. Drivers are tucked above ...
adminTheory by Focal Point

Surroundlite by Axis

Adding dimension to LED lighting Ultra-Thin, Versatile Pendant Luminaire SurroundLite illumination is uniformly diffuse like natural light. It integrates well with architectural elements and sweeps the space with wide planes of light in all directions. On the ceiling, in corners and where the walls join the ceiling. Slim SurroundLite is an ultra-thin, versatile luminaire suited to creating beautiful linear visual ...
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SmartSite LSN by Amerlux

Light Sensory Network Performance and communications make this luminaire highly versatile and able to accommodate needs in the strictest environments. With wireless technology to communicate to individual luminaires, streetlights are enabled to save valuable energy. The system provides unique flexibility in scheduling, motion detection, and on-demand adjustability. This traditional styled luminaire boasts up to 88% optical efficiency, highly uniform with ...
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Bega Flood Lights

Small Scale Floodlights with Mounting Canopy Compact floodlights with wide range of power outputs and beam options.  Well versed for many applications such as landscaping, facades, flag poles, trees, and signage. Go To Product Page
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Hornet HP by Amerlux

High Style Versatile Pendant Light Imagine a pendant light that's also Hornet-precise.  High style, yet also versatile.  Spare and Modern, yet warm and welcoming Go To Product Page
adminHornet HP by Amerlux

Novato by Advent

Architectural Drum Four Standard Sizes Dimming Included White or RGA LEDS Great for Large Spaces and Cluster Mount Go To Product Page
adminNovato by Advent

The Dart by Focal Point

Dart is always dead on Versatile enough for most any application, Dart excels in open office applications  Don’t be fooled by Dart’s petite stature, this powerful profile delivers unparalleled performance while remaining anonymous in its surroundings. Featuring Right Light and Gradient Optic technology Dart exemplifies how linear LED not only saves energy but contributes to a healthy work place that enhances productivity and ...
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