DISPLAY FLOOD FIXTURE The Gallery Canopy mount is a high performance display flood fixture. The precision engineered LED board has 8 watts of LED’s using 81 emitters which creates an even wash distribution. Gallery produces an impressive 850 lumens from a 3 x 3 square aperture of its half inch low profile body and is easily mounted to a 4” ...
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Flight Calo Spot II

The Flight Calo Spot II incorporates spring clips in the socket to hold the MR16 lamp in place to make re-lamping tooless and simple. Go To Product Page
adminFlight Calo Spot II

Magnum Canopy Spot

LED Canopy Spot Fixture The Magnum 2 LED Canopy Spot is integrated with Chroma technology providing energy efficient light using a cold remote phosphor module by XICATO® for perfect fixture-to-fixture color consistency (SDCM:2) and superior reliability (L85:50k hrs). It is fully directional for 359 degree rotation and 200 degree tilt and locking. Magnum 2 has an on board dimming driver ...
adminMagnum Canopy Spot