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Architectural Wood Bollard

The pole shaft is produced from a laminated beam of full length, one piece planks of L1 grade Alaskan Yellow Cedar, to ANSI/AITC A190.1 standards using a waterproof exterior grade adhesive. The AYC wood is harvested from well managed forests. The pole shaft is 5.5” (140mm) diameter. A central internal wireway of 1.0” (25mm) diameter is provided. Read More
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Architectural Wood Poles

Minimizing Environmental Impact AYC - Alaskan Yellow Cedar - is naturally resistant to decay and insects, requiring no chemical preservatives or treatment. Wood requires much less energy to process compared to steel or aluminum. Many of the harvested AYC trees have been dead for up to eighty years, yet retain the same physical properties of living trees. Go To Product Page
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