ULTRA-SLIM LED LINEAR Energy-efficient DanaLite Ultra-Slim LED Fixtures deliver uniform illumination in even the most space-restricted applications. At only 1/2-inch high, the super-low-profile design blends effortlessly into casework, cabinetry, and architectural details while offering a cool-operating, maintenance-free light source. These sleek, designer-grade linear fixtures produce up to 263 lumens of high quality light per foot. Go To Product Page

BEAM6 LED by Axis

BEAM 6 LED is a compact, linear system with multiple lighting, mounting, and design options, suitable for large spaces and high ceilings. BEAM 6 LED delivers efficient direct light distributions, with optional MR16 accents. IC Controls equip a BEAM 6 LED system to reduce energy consumption further still. Cleanly detailed, BEAM 6 can be recessed in various ceiling types, including Techzone™ and Logix™, as ...
adminBEAM6 LED by Axis

Theory by Focal Point

DESIGN. Theory is not defined by its source, rather it becomes the source. Its elliptical form allows LEDs to be integrated and concealed, gracefully illuminating inside and outside surfaces independently. A curved acrylic light guide draws light around the 4' long body to introduce a sparkling circular pattern. PERFORMANCE. Low voltage power is delivered via elegant and minimal aircraft cable suspensions. Drivers are tucked above ...
adminTheory by Focal Point

Surroundlite by Axis

Adding dimension to LED lighting Ultra-Thin, Versatile Pendant Luminaire SurroundLite illumination is uniformly diffuse like natural light. It integrates well with architectural elements and sweeps the space with wide planes of light in all directions. On the ceiling, in corners and where the walls join the ceiling. Slim SurroundLite is an ultra-thin, versatile luminaire suited to creating beautiful linear visual ...
adminSurroundlite by Axis

The Dart by Focal Point

Dart is always dead on Versatile enough for most any application, Dart excels in open office applications  Don’t be fooled by Dart’s petite stature, this powerful profile delivers unparalleled performance while remaining anonymous in its surroundings. Featuring Right Light and Gradient Optic technology Dart exemplifies how linear LED not only saves energy but contributes to a healthy work place that enhances productivity and ...
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