UltaSpot LED Flood Light

The UltaSpot LED family was designed to provide our customers with high quality and efficient lighting over an extremely large range of wattage and outputs. Based upon a modular architecture, the USLED can replace traditional HID luminaries from 400W to 2000W with crisp 4000K or 5000K light in choice of either 70 or 80CRI minimum.

The USLED introduces the highest level of glare control available in LED flood lighting to date. Rather than control the glare at the luminaire level with external visors or baffels, the USLED uses a unique optic holder that controls glare on the diode level. The highly effective glare control system was designed by CHM specifically for the sports lighting market.  Unlike competitive product that utilizes external visors or other methods of partial shielding, the USLED shields view of the glare source from all viewing angles.

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